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Click the link above to read the latest newsletter from the Branch on the NHS Pay offer – click the graphic above to vote. You will need to know your UNISON membership number or your NI number. If you don’t have this information to hand, contact UNISONdirect on 08000857857 for assistance or visit one of our stalls.

UNISON launches our consultation with members on the employer’s pay offer on 16 April, running until 5 June.

As members of UNISON YOU will get to vote on whether WE accept or reject the offer.

UNISON has been leading negotiations with the government and NHS Employers over a three year pay deal for NHS staff, together with changes to the NHS pay structure to make it fairer.

Just 12 months ago Theresa May called a snap General Election and famously told a nurse that there was “no magic money tree” to increase wages for NHS staff. As a result of the pressure UNISON members applied—the Treasury have now found £4.2 billion to fund this three year deal. This means it will not be taken from the NHS budget and will not impact on patient care. Now it is over to YOU to vote and make your voice heard!




Pay Consultation 17

Please see above ^ in relation to the latest on NHS Pay

NHS Pay Review Body Recommendations –The NHS PRB report was published on 28 March.

Summary of recommendations:
• 1% on all pay points effective from 1 April 2017
• 1% on High Cost Area Supplement minimum and maximum
• Pay point 1 in Northern Ireland to be adjusted so that it is above the 2017/2018 rate
of the Government Living Wage (£7.50 or £14,664)
• The government in Wales should take action to address the impact of its Living Wage
policy on pay compression
• The government in Scotland should evaluate the effects on motivation, progression
and promotion of its policy of Living Wage/£400 minimum uplift
• In England, Wales and Northern Ireland health departments should ensure that annual
pay awards increases take-home pay for staff where the award causes them to cross
pension contribution thresholds.

We are currently consulting with members on our response to UNISON’s National
Health Service Group.

What UNISON called for?
1. A return to UK-wide pay scales levelling up to Scotland
2. A restructure of Bands 1-3 to deliver the real Living Wage and maintain pay differentials
between bands
3. A fair pay award for all staff to reflect cost of living increases
4. Topping up of the above to ensure at least £1ph increase for all staff
5. A minimum wage of £10ph
6. A clear statement that pay for apprentices must fall within the framework of Agenda
for Change

What happens now?

The HSGE has agreed that UNISON national resources should be used to support
branches and regions campaigning on pay and earnings as part of what we are calling
our earnings maximisation strategy.
If agreed by branches, this “earnings max” strategy will deliver national resource to
branches and regions to build the capacity and confidence needed to challenge pay restraint.

What do you mean by “earnings max?”

We are using “earnings max” as a shorthand for campaigns the Health Group could support branches to pursue through local claims. This could include:

  1.  Living wage claim.
  2. Re-profiling band 1 jobs into band 2 (earnings potential is 14% or £1.26ph higher than top of band 1).Local recruitment and retention premiums.
  3. Challenge downbanding/support banding reviews.
  4. Holiday pay and sick pay to include accurate value of earnings.
  5. Improved shift patterns.
  6. Converting agency spend to paid overtime.
  7. Car parking and travel to work.

How do you ‘have your say’ on pay?

UNISON Newcastle Hospitals Branch will be holding meetings and stalls over the next month to get your views on pay.

Email your thoughts on NHS Pay for 2017/18.

We are asking members to decide how UNISON should concentrate its resources. There are two options:

OPTION A – Use UNISON’s resources on an earnings maximisation campaign
OPTION B – Resource a national ballot to challenge the 2017/18 pay award

Please include your name and address in your response and let us know which option you prefer including any additional comments:
Return to UNISON Office, RVI by the 1st May—if you’d like to speak with a UNISON Representative please contact us